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LIFE - TRY - it's all about the Journey.


Life does not end; it is incoherent and in constant evolution.

What life is continually fluctuating, changing, chaotic, and it is forever ongoing.

My goal is to maintain my momentum, never stop, continue surfing the waves, and enjoy the incoherence and chaos of life. Rather than fight it, choose your battle wisely; this isn't something we have complete control over. Thus we have the choice of riding the waves and making the best of life. Of course, there are times where all you want is to hide and stay in bed under your covers, and that is ok; just don't prolong that feeling; it will cause it to be harder to get up, rise up, and see the brighter light.

Remain true to your feelings and emotions, treat them while not letting your thoughts dictate your actions and decisions. Remember, you always have a choice; how do you want to live your life, enslaved to your thoughts and emotions or driven by your goals and desires.

I'm not considered cold, and someone who goes with the flow, to a lot because I like the structure, I like the productivity, I want to know that I lived every day at its peak. Yet my life is chaotic, and I can't control everything around me. Thus, I try to give myself stability with little to small things I have control over, feeding my soul, body, and mind with food, moving my body, and nourishing my mind with the way it needs and craves. This is constantly changing because we constantly change our environment, hormones, time are all constantly changing, and we change with it.

Life is beautiful if we accept the imperfections that come with it. The truth is that many of us want things to be perfect or expect them to be perfect. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder; you choose to see the glass full or empty, half full or half empty; I am going to always try, KEYWORD TRY, to see it whole. Embrace the imperfection, embrace the waves, and enjoy when you fall off of the surfboard and into the ocean. Embrace the water and be wet. Also, embrace and cherish that moment in the surf boat when you find the balance and stand up and feel like you are on top of the world. Exaggerate your achievements and accept your downfalls with your head in the air. Perfection is an illusion; it is all in the eyes of the beholder.

With love,

The Harmonious Life Coach.

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