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Gratitude and Pride

Life, a mystery that always seems to amaze me.

What keeps me amazed is how when I smile; the world smiles back.

My reassurance that everything will find its place in time, is due to my faith in God, the universe, and myself and for that, I am profoundly grateful.

A pearl of small wisdom I learned through my experiences:

Don't belittle your achievements, take pride in what God has blessed you with. We often fight with our ego to find humbleness. I came to learn that my ongoing battle with my ego, led me to lose belief in myself, held me back from taking risks, kept thinking, can I? will I fail? self doubt what might be confused with humbleness is what held me back. I continuously belittled my achievements in life thinking this is humbleness.

Little did I know, finding the balance, the yin and yang is the most crucial part of life. it is finding humbleness all while being grateful for all that you have achieved and God has blessed you with. Neglecting your achievements, your progress will only lead you to lose faith in yourself, and also might lead to envy in a nonloving way towards others.

Take pride in all your achievement for it is a gift from God and the universe, show your thankfulness by embarrassing, honoring it, all while staying humble.

Don’t undermine yourself and never allow anyone else to undermine you. For you are greater than you think. Believe in yourself and the universe will take care of you.


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