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Creating space

Letting go,

A word you often hear, primarily if you practice hip opening in Yoga.

I used to imagine soreness and pain leaving my body as I practiced hip opening or even heard the word, letting go, an accurate perception, perhaps, yet it is a glimpse of what it truly means.

Letting go is essentially creating space rather than attempting to erase or delete something from your mind, body, and past. It is more about creating space within your mind, body, and present.

Mentally, Physically and Emotionally making space by letting go of things that might have served you in the past and no longer does. Letting go permits us to fill the space with something new that can add more significance and value to our current lives.

Remember, it is always easier to add things than to delete. As humans, we don't get to erase memories or habits, but we can create new ones that crowd out old ones.

With more space, we are able to add new habits and thoughts, by letting go of what no longer serves us, we create space for what does serve us.

With Love,


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