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Compassion and Courage

Relationships come in different forms and meanings...

The relationship with yourself, with siblings, parents, family, friends, colleagues, and partners, and the list goes on. They all have in common the middle ground of receiving and giving, pulling and pushing, offering compassion while acting with courage.

Wanting to be a good friend, partner, sister..etc. It can be overwhelming; there's no right or wrong in dealing with a particular situation since each individual is different and unique. One thing is that for ME, I believe in being honest, having the courage to voice out your thoughts without judging or imposing. Lately, I have just been passive in fear of making things worse and thus pulling myself away. Compassion is being honest, having remorse, and feeling what the other person is going through. It isn't living the person's soreness, what good does that too, a simple act of showing you hear them, you acknowledge them and being there for them can make a big difference "emotion support." I feel lately is stuck. I do have compassion, understanding, and I do come around to see where they are coming from. Though what baffles me is how many people are not aware of themselves, expecting people to feel for them, acknowledge their mistakes while they just look and watch.

On top of that, should one be honest? Confront, or does that blow things out of proportion again, depends on the individual, so here I am also stuck... No answers, yet if I can't confront, I can't move to pass it; I am a little too obvious and a bit too raw... What are you?

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